Lizzy(aka Bunny) (whatitallmeans) wrote in too_depresed,
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I am thinking about cutting...i dont know if i have the gust to do it again and fail..again.My mom and i had another fight.I know big suprise.She was just telling me of how much of a burden i was to her.O how my mother loves me.Why is it always my fault.I am so fucked..i have had it up to here with her.
Damnit..if i ever grow up i hope to god i am not like her.If i ever turn out like my mother WHEN i will kill my self.
I dont know what has happened to my life.NAd why is it so harder when i try to stop cutting.Some times i think i didnt stop cutting for my-self but for other people. And if i cut i am only let other ppl down and that makes me want to cut more.I am just so tired.And i cant stop crying..i think i am having a brake down.I need HELP.
ANd i cant believe i might cut after 3 weeks ..DAMNIT
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