Lizzy(aka Bunny) (whatitallmeans) wrote in too_depresed,
Lizzy(aka Bunny)

*********story time*********

Every night she has dreams.She tryed so hard to have good dreams.She would have dreams about a little girl and her whole loving and caring family.She would have dreams about a boy and his happy life.She would have dreams about a place were you can do any thing,be any thing,and trust any one.She would have dreams about a happy famliy on a picnic and play hide-and-go-seek.She would have dreams about the girl that get saved from evil and gets a wonderful guy.ANd thay would live happily ever after....But then she would always wake up in the moring from those dreams.Put on some clothes.Walk to the door and open it to a world she doesnt dream about.REALITY
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